The Trabin Software & Consulting, began operations in 1990 and now specializes in complex corporate programs known as ERPs (Enterprise Resource Planning), that brings together in only one product all the informations of a company, from buying to the stock, dos pedidos ao módulo fiscal entre outros. This integration brings obviously benefits: reduces the "re-working" and raises the quality of the information.

In all those years, working with companies from different segments and different sizes, we have acquired a great capacity of to understand the culture of the organizations joining this to a great knowledge of what can be done. With the current technology we can help substantially our clients to improve their perfomances in today's competitive market.

The TSC-Enterprise is composed of several modules with a great level of parameterization this allow you to configure its behavior according to the needs and the culture of the company. In Trabin every new client candidate goes through meetings where we introduce the characteristics of our products and services and we will determine the needs and characteristics of the enterprise. Only when we are sure that our products and services can significantly improve the enterprise processes is when we accept as a client.

Our vision of the segment of information technology (IT) is to offer the highest return on investiment (ROI) for the lowest total cost of property (TCO), or in other words: the most cost-effective. The solutions of Trabin do exactly this, reduce the operating costs, maximizing their investments. Read more, in this page, or contact us, on how to quickly achieve your business goals with a proper investment and in a short time.
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