The supermarket sector has unique characteristics. Perhaps, the main one is the largle flow of customers through the checkout. Most of these consumers know what itens they want to buy, and with thus the permanence time at the establishment is only enough to choose.

In this kind of enviroment, the focus of attention of the marketer and of the software supplier for the front of box are to streamline the customers flow in the moment they are to leave the establishment and therefore set their impressions about the establishment and the service quality. If this was a negative experience, this customer will probably not return, but if this experience was positive this customer will return and recommend to others.

It is because of this that we developed a specific solution for this sector. The main concern is ensure the flow in the front box and because of this we created a structure that ensures operation even in case of a network malfunction. Establishments with 4, 10, 30, 50 or more checkouts need to have the assurance that a failure on the network (a switch that stops working, for example) that connects the checkouts on the rear module does not prevent all the check-outs to function. Just imagine a moment of huge customer flux, like an Christmas Eve or a New Year, where all the checkouts stop working.

This type of service allows the infrastructure staff have a minimum of tranquility to focus on restoring full operation of the business.

In our view, respecting these characteristics is essential to offer a solution to the sector, but we need to consider several features that make up a complete solution for the sector. Check out the links below a brief description of the modules that make up our view of this segment.

- TSC-PDV with dedicated or dialed TEF;

- TSC-Pedido;

- TSC-Enterprise - purchases module;

- TSC-Enterprise - accounts payable module;

- TSC-Enterprise - biling module;

- TSC-Enterprise - accounts receivable module;

- TSC-Enterprise - inventory control module;

- TSC-Enterprise - control tax module;

- TSC-Enterprise - accounting module;

- TSC-CashViewer.

- Dialed TEF, recommended for business with up to 4 check-outs;

- Dedicated TEF, recommended for establishments with more than 4 check-outs or that wishing to offer the most qualified service to his costumers;

- Pending credit verification, blocking clients, etc

- Módulo de pedidos/orçamentos, primarly to big supermarkets, with structure to streamline the provision of quotations, shipping option for e-mail, simulation of the payment, among others;

- Buying modules;

- Billing module with

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