Department Stores

Regardless of the size, a department store has a number of characteristics of its class. One of the main characteristics is the large amount of products, because, when it comes to menswear, womenswear, childrenswear and shoes, there is virtually no replenishment of the stock of a particular product and the next season will be new collections with new products. It isn't normal that many products continue to exist in future collections.

Besides that, we need to consider that this type of product is bought, sold and has his stock managed through grid numbering and colour. Therefore the stock position of a product is analyzed considering the product code, grid size, colour and, finally, the stock quantity. This feature is appointed by shopkeepers, who have become clients of our solution for this sector as one of the points where our product stands out more. "Finally we got effective inventory control of our products", said one of our clients.

Another issue where this sector needs to exercise careful control is in granting credit, many shops send booklets of installment credit, control the receipt and regularly update the bad debts on SPC (Credit Protection Service). Our solution uses a release credit module that assists in assessing the customer's credits, the booklets are issued with barcodes to avoid typing errors on the receipt, and also there is control of transmission and removal of the client from the SPC.

A fast attendance when the customer comes to the box is a need and the market is divided primarily between two approaches. The first one, is to increase the number of boxes and distributing them in various locations through the store to avoid queues on a single point, this aproach uses the concept of self-service, where the customer selects the goods of his own interest and turn do the nearest box or one which the queue is smaller. The second one, is distributing order terminals along the store and focus the attention on a single box, using a single queue. This approach streamlines the service in the cash, by the pre-processing of the order and evaluation of customer credit.

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