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The market of building materials has been very active lately and this makes that the sector companies requiring high precision, speed and security to support their decision making process. In an active market the revenue happens faster and with this the incoming can be faster and greater, as well, but the risks also are bigger.

The inventory management, which consume a considerable amount both financially and in terms of occupied space in the store and warehouses, must be as efficient as possible and this means a permanent search for efficiency. In other words, a static model does not suit the current needs, so the software provider needs to be aware and in touch with the needs of its customers and especially, hear them.

The Trabin, besides offering an excelent backup module to manage purchasing, inventory, financial and others created a workflow model that focuses on customer and optimizes the time of the seller. In this model, the suggested workflow is:

Requests/Budgets modules lightweight and agile which is used by vendors to place orders or generate budgets for your clients. para seus clientes. Once the request is done the client is directed directly to the box where the service is expedited, since all negotiations have been held between vendor and customer. In box the coupon is issued or the fiscal invoice if applicable.

As many shops of building materials have a show-room of large dimensions we developed a special project where a handhelded is used by the seller to check any product and make a pre-request without the need of looking for an available terminal.

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