Web Systems

The internet is an excelent informations source, allows accessible advertising to any company, it's a great place for a company to communicate with their audience. A website can basically be structured in two ways: Static, or Dynamic.

The static form is the one where all the content available was organized into a website and then published. It contains informations that normally don't change with the time, for example, the enterprise history. They're usually informative sites, that do not have many features of public interation and when is necessary to change any information is necessary to modify the page and publish it again.

In dynamical sites the interaction is substantially greater and it's acquired using databases localized into the web linked to the site. This way it's possible to create sites where the business owner can add determined content quickly and without the need for technical knowledge. In the customer side, for example, he can buy (e-commerce), view his account statement and request to receive newsletters via e-mail.

The Trabin, since 2007, offers to its clients the creation of dynamical sites joining all of our care and tradition already familiar to the new features and possibilities of this fascinating media that is the internet.

An example of interactivity can be seen on our site, on the news area, news are registered in the website and stored in the database. Also, we can register interested people to be warned when there is fresh news in the site. This possibility can be seen on the news section of our website.

These are only a few examples of what can be done to retain our clients. Much more can be done, considering that each business is unique and has unique needs.

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