Special Projects

The Trabin seeks to have a close relationship with its customers. This proximity, allows us to see if the customer has any kind of special need. We try to respond quickly when called to assist in solving new problems or to give a new insight into old problems, but above all we seek to anticipate these issues and develop a solution before the situation becomes problematic.

In this sense we have developed several systems, tools and methods to enable a more secure and enjoyable approach of the information systems. In these special projects we used the new trends in technology such as PHP, AJAX and Java. Following, there are some of these projects, that are already incorporated to our client's routine.

Internal Mobile Sale - one of our clients has a large sales area and when their sellers need to clarify any doubt on a product, they had to go to an information terminal. This solution consists of a handheld computer that is always with the seller (like a calculator) and a software that communicates directly and online with the company's server to provide data like, availability, prices, etc, into a format that is like the ones used by online shops. With this information the seller, who now no longer looses the contact with the client, can do the order or the budget of this and other items.

Internal Mobile Query - a quick and efficient way for the buyer of our customers, to access informations about the last order placed for an item of the shelf, the inventory availability, the product photo for identification, or when was the last time that this product was sold.This would make easier to determine promotion candidates, price revision, check inventory, etc. This solution uses a handheld computer and a software, that like the ones used by online stores provide these and other informations.

External Mobile Sale - external sellers using handheld computers need information about the products that they sell and information about their clients, basically. Based on this, they must register their sales and send them to the parent company. At this point, he also receives updates regarding the products sold and his clients. This information exchange between sellers and company can be made when the seller goes to the company, but it's desirable to this be optional, so he can transmit his sales and receive updates through a cellphone or from his handheld computer.

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