We have professionals working in the IT market for over 20 years. Nowadays, there are solutions for almost everything and unlike a few years ago, today we usually have more than one solution for the same problem. So, what distinguise one solution from another? The answer is simple: knowledge. It's needed knowledge of the possible solutions of each problem. With this in mind we can choose the best alternative for each case.

It is not uncommon, in a consulting process, identify solutions that before, were the only possible, but with the arrival of new alternatives, today, they are expensive and/or obosolete. If a given solution is more technologically updated, with a lower maintenance cost and lower acquisition cost is not difficult to imagine the amounts of resources consumed unnecessarily, often for years.

Audit technology is an important source of cost reduction and should be a standard practice.

Advising a company that uses I.T.C. services (Information Technology and Communication), discover what is behind of the acronyms and regular expressions in this market, is a necessity. For example: VPN (Virtual Private Newtwork), WTS (Windows Terminal Services), Virtualization, FTP, POP, SMTP, Firewall and etc, are some of the words that hide more or less updated solutions.

We provide several consulting services to clients with great concern with the purchase cost or the update cost for products such as word processors, spreadsheets, presentations, client's e-mail and html browsers. For these aplications we found open source iniciatives to replace their fully paid counterparts. In some instances the change presents operational advantages in addition to the financial. As the vast majority of the users do not use more than 10% of the most used programs, the replacement process has been very simple and painless, and generate substantial savings.

It is one of our habits provide, periodically, this type of consulting service, advising and auditing for our clients as part of our contracts, but being our client or not, optimizing daily practice usually weigh substantially in the costs of a company.

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