The Trabin Software & Consulting main objective is to provide to our clients the best products and services that can be obtained throught the most recents, updated and consecrated technologies. To do this, we selected several technologies, extremely well respected on the world market.
The Delphi developers, know the value of small and agile teams. For years they stand when compared to larger companies, being in skill, expertise, or in the right choice of tools. The Delphi offers the definitive "potencializador de for├žas(?)" to the productivity, eliminating the length, and maximizing the code efficiency.
The PHP (a recursive acronym to "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor") it's an Open Source script language of geral use, largely used and specially garnished to the development of Web applications embeddable into the HTML.

Using the PHP language you can have the direct interaction between user and website, since the information are being processed in real time, along with the information of others users, returning in dynamic HTML pages generated for each user. The PHP applications are generated automatically by the server and with excelent perfomance, also they are supported by most of the Internet providers.

Regarding to safety, it's important to remember that the PHP code cannot been seen by the user.
We know that nowadays it's increasingly important to have a flexible system especially in the case of reports.

The ReportBuilder is one of the most complete tools to generate reports of the market, for Delphi developers. It was created by the company, Digital Metaphors Corporation, the ReportBuilder is totally coded on Delphi, having support to all their versions.
The PostgreSQL is a powerful relational database open source. It has over 15 years of active development and offers an architeture with a strong reputation for reability, data integrity and correctnes. It has atilde;o quanto a confiabilidade, integridade de dados e corretude. It has versions for the vast majority of operational systems, including Linux, Unix and Windows.

As an enterprise-class database, PostgreSQL has sophisticated characteristics such as Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC), Point in Time recovery, nested transactions (savepoints), online backups, a sophisticated query planner/optimizer, and a write ahead logging, for fault tolerance. PostgreSQL is highly elected both in it's ability to handle large amounts of data, as in the management of concurrent users.
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